Money grabbing bar stewards.

Once again the commercial side of our hobby treads rough shod over those who play with toy trains because they like them instead of because they’re paid to do so. Simple solution is to vote with your money and not buy any products or services from BRM/RMweb et al in the Warners stable.

Spend your money on a day out in Rochdale instead.

In the meantime, the admin of a vastly overrated forum cannot take criticism very well. In my opinion, and that of a significant number of well respected modellers I know, he personally is the main cause of vitriol in on-line railway modelling circles.

New Hey to North Ballachulish

Ive been managing model railway shows since 1986 with a short break over the last 4 years, and am now back managing the Rochdale show where I started 32 years ago! Getting the message out about the show is always difficult, particularly when working to a tight budget, and quite often buying an advert in a magazine doesn’t give you back the footfall to pay for it. Its also a bit hit and miss which magazine to put it in, although personally I’d always default to the Railway Modeller with its superior circulation if I was going to spend the Societies cash in that way.

However, one of the great services the model railway magazines give, especially for the small money strapped societies like ours is a free diary entry to let people know you have a show on. Its not an advert in the traditional sense, just a listing…

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