Onwards and upwards

It has been quite a while since I did any work on the section of line between Rio Paleta and Cumbre. The scenery at the Rio end is partially hidden from view and, as such, has been ignored.

As there are still no trains running on the railway due to the rodent invasion I have taken the opportunity to see in the New Year with some long overdue, and quite messy, scenic work.

The gap in the hillside has been covered with thick padded fibre (ironing board insulation material) to form the outline of the ridge.

With the foundations in place an initial layer of glueshell was added. This is scraps of cloth soaked in diluted PVA and will create a stable base for the scenic cover when it dries. In the meantime, temporary supports are in use to keep the wet cloth in place.

It looks a mess at the moment but when completed it will blend in with the surrounding scenery. The grassy areas will be hanging basket liner, as used elsewhere on the high level section of the layout, and the rock face will be treated with the same mixture of ash, filler and glue as was used on the adjoining cliffs.

Hanging basket liner will also be used on the areas above and below the station at Cumbre to cover the existing Astroturf style grass, which is OK in larger scales but doesn’t really suit On30.


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