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There is a discussion on a Facebook group about the famous Gorre and Daphetid model railroad (above) and how to model it as a microlayout. Various plans have been put forward but even in Z scale they are over four square feet. Over four square feet is not a microlayout.

Any microlayout enthusiast will tell you that the trick lies in being selective, if you cannot fit the whole scene in you just model part of it… Just as you would with a model railway of any size because you’re not going to fit the West Coast Main Line from Euston to Glasgow in the average garage.

Given this selectiveness, and the knowledge that the G&D was designed to be operated as a point to point layout in addition to having a continuous run, we can now look at Gorre as a terminus instead of a through station.

This could easily be the basis for a workable plan for American N scale diesel era microlayout.



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