Foxbaile revisited

My tiny boxfile layout spends most of its time on a bookshelf. It’s far too small to hold much operational interest when compared to the FCPyF but it doesn’t take up much space when stood on end and goes largely unnoticed.

I’ve been following Giles Barnabe’s “1860 and all that” thread since it started on the MTI forum. I have no immediate intentions of building my own old time layout, though I did attempt it a few years ago when I inherited some 19th century trains from John Marsden. Anyhow, Foxbaile lends itself to the theme here with a posed (as were prototype photos in the era) image of a train awaiting departure.

What is conspicuously absent from the scene is the train crew and station staff proudly assembled in front of the train as was the norm for such photographs.

The engine is an HO scale model, admittedly foreign but not unlike British locos of the early steam era.


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