On balance

Railmotor #69 has had a long and chequered career on the FCPyF. It started off as a tank loco, then gained a tender, then swapped the tender for an articulated coach section. The coach has always given problems, originally riding on a bogie then given a single fixed axle but the railmotor would not run smoothly. I tried moving the axle forwards to relieve some of the weight applied to the loco section but this led to frequent derailments and the railmotor’s temporary withdrawal.

The single axle under the coach has been replaced by a bogie again and the footplate at the front of the loco section has been extended.

This extension incorporates a steel weight to counterbalance the coach and the railmotor now runs up the incline to Rio Paleta perfectly.

Cosmetic details added at the same time are a colonial style headlamp and a Westinghouse compressor and reservoir tank.


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