Got to be done!

At first glance it’s a pretty boring picture. No trains in sight, drab colours, nothing really spectacular at all. I am presuming it’s taken from the rear of a train because if you look closely you can see drops of water on the glass… So it’s raining as well, just to put the dampeners on it. But look again.

Those reeds behind the platform and the small bushes along the lineside look artificial, very like model railway scenery. Note the close sleeper spacing, and short sleepers too. Code 100 flextrack? That could actually be On30 using HO track. See to how the sleepers are partially buried, a favourite trick of narrow gauge modellers when using the wrong scale of track. The steep rock face rising abruptly from the level valley bottom looks like badly done scenery with a mountain plonked on top of a flat baseboard. And whoever built that shelter was a real bodger. It is a mess, as is the platform, in fact this looks like part of the FCPyF. It’s not, but it could be, it really should be!

I haven’t got a clue how or, moreover, where to fit it into the layout at the moment, but it is crying out to be modelled.

Back to the present, this morning’s stopping train from San Fernandez to Grande arrived embarrassingly late (15:30hrs). As so often these days it was loco hauled vice a failed railcar. To save time on the turn-round #60 drew the empties onto the end-of-track, allowing #29 to back onto the train and work the return service.

Just visible behind the loco shed is the tank for fuelling oil burning steam locos. This is part of the work I’ve been doing on the layout today.

The fuelling point has a coaling stage, and an adjacent water tank, for most of the steam locos. A diesel tank is mounted above the coal stage for fuelling shunt locos and railcars, main line diesels do not normally take fuel at Grande because the tank is not large enough for them.

Heavy fuel oil used by the oil burning steamers is in the tank next to the loco shed. The blue cabinet next to the storage tank holds the valves and pumps for unloading fuel from tank wagons.

The railcars and shunt locos are fuelled by a pump similar to those seen at petrol stations.

In response to multiple spam emails from women claiming to have read my website and asking for a job I have taken one on at Grande.

Her job is sweeping up on the coaling stage. She’s not very happy about it.


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