All change at Puerto del Sastra*

Puerto was originally part of the upper shelf section before last year’s re-build of the FCPyF. The branch terminus had an exit-to-staging via a rather unconvincing bridge across the station platforms and this was the main reason for it’s demise during the re-build.

The scenery never did get completed and the buildings were reused at Centrales during the layout’s reconstruction. The baseboard has survived with the platforms, turntable and harbour area intact but that’s about all so it will need a major facelift if it’s going to be returned to service. For starters the scenic break bridge has gone and will be replaced by an overall roof covering the main and run-round tracks with a goods shed on the third. This is an idea I wanted to use with the abortive “Rosedale” project a while ago.

I will retain the turntable because it saves two sets of points, as well as serving the obvious function of turning single ended railcars, though it does impose a severe restriction on the size of loco used on the branch. Real railways have route-availability stipulations though so I don’t see this as an issue and there are a number of small locos on the FCPyF which cannot cope with the gradients on the main line anyway. Alternatively, the layout could be operated in the manner designed for Sutton Road and Tweedsmuir Street (see archive page) where only the loco and first coach of the incoming train are seen on stage. It sounds odd but it does actually work, quite convincingly, to give the impression of much longer trains.

The harbour will be moved to the other side of the station, this is mainly because the set of points I have on hand dictate which side the new siding will be on but also because the existing “water” is less than convincing and needs replacing.

A – Station roof.  B – Goods shed.  C – New siding.  D – Harbour.

Old Tri-ang Super 4 track was used when building PdS, most of this will be replaced as the easier option because the layout is going to need rewiring and soldering to rusty steel, buried in grass and ballast, is no fun.

New buildings will be required to replace those moved to Centrales as well as to act as a backdrop. My intention is to scratch build these in the style of the original FCPyF layout using mainly low relief structures to save space. The loco shed from Grande has been borrowed for the image shown below to see how an overall roof looks as the scenic break.

As well as taking from the original FCPyF, the scenery at Puerto del Sastra will also be inspired by Giles Barnaby’s layout, Puerto Paseo, seen above on the occasion of FCPyF railcar #27’s excursion. To which end I’m going to visit the local travel agents’ and see if I can get some suitable photos from their brochures to use on the backscene.

UPDATE – Saturday afternoon

Having spent a good proportion of today attempting to line up the points and turntable I have decided that it would be easier to start again from scratch. The old Puerto del Sastra baseboard will be scrapped and a new station will be built using the baseboard which formerly held Jones River and The Mine.

The only scenery remaining on this board is the river itself, everything else has been removed. A new track plan to fit the available space is shown below.

A pilot is required for shunting so one of the small diesels will be allocated to the station. I have abandoned the overall roof as the view block this time but one may be included between the station building and the goods shed. Buildings in red belong to the railway. Those in orange are the backdrop, as on the original FCPyF micro-layout, and those in yellow are view blocks for the fiddleyard exit, as per my old Port Abel and Lochside layouts.

Port Abel

* Named after Taylors Port, gorgeous stuff!

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