Turning the tables

As the railway runs steam locos and single ended railcars which need turning at the end of their journeys these items of equipment are essential to the FCPyF’s operations.

#42 moves off shed at Grande…
… then collects her train, ready to work the afternoon mail to Cuarto de Pulgada
On arrival at Cuarto the loco is turned to work the return trip.

I’ve been doing some work on the FCPyF’s turntables today, adding the gallows superstructure to the one at Cuarto de Pulgada and repainting the one at Grande.

The turntables are scratch built, certainly not museum standard models but functional and good enough for casual observation. The turntable at Grande (above) is probably what followers of British railway practice are used to, with slightly arched steel side girders, but the one at Cuarto (below) is a wooden structure and more colonial in appearance.

Both are temporary models, standing in until such time as I get around to building something more detailed, but “temporary” can last a long time on the Pampas and Fernandez Consolidated Railway.


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