Platform alteration

Since the high line’s terminus at Cuarto de Pulgada was built trains have been using both sides of the run round loop for arrivals and departures, thus allowing two passenger trains to occupy the station at once. No problem here you might think, but only one side of the island between the two tracks had a platform face.

This meant that passengers using the curved track needed to alight at ground level. Getting on and off trains at ground level is perhaps OK for minor halts, I can remember working on the NYMR in the 1970s when trains made (unadvertised) stops at Far Wath, a lineside cottage who’s residents travelled into Pickering on the first train of the day, but on the FCPyF even Frog Rock has a rudimentary platform and less trains call there than stopped at Far Wath. The terminus deserves better.

The photos show work in progress building a curved platform face, the edging “planks” are coffee stirrers with bird sand being used to build up the level of the platform behind them. When this stage has dried finer sand will be added to create the platform surface.

The photos also show that the station ticket office and adjacent hotel have been bedded in to the scenery, this little job in itself has made a vast improvement to the looks of this section of the layout, more work will be done to get the scenery at CdP on a par with the standards seen at other stations on the layout when I’ve completed the platform.

That’ll just leave the ground cover in the area around the turntable at Grande to finish off… And the goods yard at Centrales… And the grass around the mine at Rio Paleta… And cliff top at Cumbre… And then there’s…

As the saying goes, “no layout is ever finished”.


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