A recent foray onto a well known auction site resulted in a job lot of vintage O scale models. Of the three only one was originally intended for use on the FCPyF, the other two being slated for disposal elsewhere.

The water tower is shown in situ at Cuarto de Pulgada, along with some of the palm trees left over from Grande. I have replaced the missing hose pipe and chain using a drinking straw and a “rope” made from coat hanger wire. Scenic work at CdP has been put on hold while I’m working on Grande and Cumbre but the station building, water tower and trees will get bedded in properly so they blend in with the platform – eventually.

The other two items appear to be home made. While good for their era they are obviously “toy” rather than “model” so the tunnel will be incorporated into the scenery on the disused San Pedro branch near Cumbre.

That just leaves the station. As I said it seems to be home made and, like the tunnel, is probably older than I am. I’d say both were built for a boy’s layout by the youngster’s father because the woodworking is quite good but the realism is, putting it politely, basic.

The station is of interest because of the adverts glued to the building. I doubt that I’ll find a home for it on the FCPyF, or any other layout for that matter, though it could possibly form part of a retro modelling diorama and has been put into storage.

The lot cost me a fiver, plus postage, worth it for the water tank alone. When the base is bedded into the scenery it should look like a standard “off the peg” item exported to Sierra Oculta from the UK, by a well known railway equipment manufacturer in Liverpool.


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