Knock on effect

Railcar 44, due in from Puerto del Sastra at 12.50, arrived at Grande over two hours late this afternoon. As a knock on effect railcar 21, working the 13.45 stopping train to San Fernandez, and railcar 37 on the 14.30 semi-fast to Cuarto de Pulgada were both severely delayed while awaiting permission to enter the single track main line to Centrales.

 Railcars 44 and 21 are seen above nose to nose in the station while 37 waits on the middle road. The San Fernandez train will be further delayed because 37’s status as a semi-fast means it has priority over the stopper and it will pull forward to the departure end of the platform as soon as the late arrival has been shunted out of the way.

There is a passing loop (see footnote) at Perejil, between Grande and Centrales, but it was occupied by a failed freight train. This in turn meant that the mid-day mail train from Grande to San Fernandez was unable to pass the Puerto del Sastra to Grande train as booked at Perejil and the meet had to be made at Centrales, thus causing the initial delay. When things go wrong on a single track railway you can generally reckon that the timetable goes out of the window for the rest of the day.

There are two cassettes available for transferring trains between Grande and Centrales. Thus making, in effect, a passing loop en-route but one of them is out of action at the moment because one of the prongs on the ends of the rails needs resoldering. That doesn’t make as interesting an account of the operations though.


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