Half way round the world

Well impressed, I ordered these trees less than a fortnight ago, from China, and they arrived at lunchtime today.

Palm trees at Grande.

Having travelled half way round the world they have been dispatched to Sierra Oculta and are now awaiting “planting” at Ciudad Grande station.

Why the excitement about two palm trees?

Palm trees at Tacna.

Because they’re an essential feature in the photo which inspired the layout.

Peru Rail #60, with a single coach, filling in for a failed railcar.

As can be seen in the foreground of the photo above, there is greenness creeping into the scenery which could result in another major earthquake in Sierra Oculta. Ciudad Grande and Puerto del Sastra may have to swap places on the map because I’ve been looking at satellite images of the rough area where the fictional republic is supposed to be …

This photo shows how green Grande is turning out to be, it’s going to have to move to somewhere with more rainfall!

… and the countryside looks a lot more verdant on the eastern side of the Andes. A green Grande might be better suited to the Argentinian border area than it is to the Chilean side of the country. This would also tie in with the “Pampas” bit of the railway’s title, “Fernandez” being the staging yard beyond Frog Rock.


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