Another Wednesday at Grande

Once again it’s my day off work, so I’ve been doing some work instead!

The passenger depot at Grande is now looking a lot more like an O scale building instead of an HO scale one on a block of wood. The new brickwork is self adhesive brickpaper by ID Backscenes. Wonderful stuff to work with and quite suitable for O scale.

The dispatcher’s office in the background is another up-scaling project. This time using the walls from a badly damaged Tri-ang loco shed.

The building is functional in that it hides the section switches, if Grande were a British layout I’d have used a signal box for this job.

The front of the loco shed has had some more corrugated iron cladding added, the missing sheet is a deliberate omission to look as if the building is in poor repair. In the background is the goods shed, this structure is now completely clad in corrugated iron and ready for painting/weathering before the doors are added.

The last job done this morning was jacking and packing the carriage shed siding to correct a dip and twist in the track which was derailing four-wheeled stock.

Those passengers might have a long wait for their train because…

This afternoon’s jobs were painting the rails followed by bulk ballasting, spreading the sand by hand and dousing with diluted PVA from a squeezy bottle. The more precise ballasting around the points, using a teaspoon to add the sand and an eyedropper for the glue, can wait until I’m in the mood for it.


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