Developments at Grande

As usual Wednesday is my day off so I’ve been busy this morning, cooking in the kitchen and bodging in the garage.

The new cassette (above) for transferring trains between Centrales and Grande differs from those solely for use at Centrales in that it has lift handles and side panels, thus making it safer when carrying trains between the two sections of the FCPyF.

#42 was in charge of the first train to travel from Centrales to Grande on its own wheels (via the new cassette), seen above alongside the carriage shed, which is in the process of receiving its corrugated cladding.

Meanwhile, #14 shunts the stock into the shed so that #42 can proceed to the turntable and loco shed for a layover between trains.

The shed roof is at an early stage of construction, still awaiting corrugated cladding to disguise its origins as part of an infant’s board book.

On the subject of buildings, two young ladies on the station platform discuss the merits of converting HO scale structures to O scale by cutting blocks of wood to fit underneath them. In this case not a rare old Tri-ang toy but a building bought for the princely sum of 50p a few years ago on the grounds that it would come in useful someday.

After a while #42 collected her train from the carriage shed and drew forward into the station to await departure time. This view is “looking from the goods shed roof”. The goods shed is the last major structure required for Grande but, as yet, I have not made a start on it. However the overall view gives a good impression of how I’d like the station to turn out.

An updated track plan of the layout shows where the cassette transfer takes place, it also shows that the FCPyF has reverted to not being consolidated…

Just like its namesake (click for background story).


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