It’s the pits

Nah, not that bad! The turntable and associated pit for Grande went together reasonably easily, a couple of inspection pits will be “dug” between the rails inside the loco shed and an ash pit will be provided at the coaling stage in the yard.

On the other side of the tracks the station platform has been cut from a piece of scrap wood and put in place to give a better impression of how things should turn out.

I reckon the loco shed roads are long enough to hold two locos each so they’ll be wired accordingly. The two tracks between the goods and carriage sheds will also have isolated sections at the ends to hold the locos of incoming trains while the station pilot deals with the stock. All other tracks will be live at all times (or isolated by the setting of the points) so a bank of six on/off switches will be required.

There’s a redundant set of six switches adjacent to the main line controllers at Jones River, this will be transferred to Grande when I get round to doing the wiring.


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