Onwards and downwards

With the supporting benchwork for Grande in place I’ve taken a few photos to show how it relates to the rest of the FCPyF.

Grande in the foreground, Centrales in the distance.

The use of cassettes to move trains between Centrales and Grande allows the terminus to be considerably lower than it would be if it were connected to the main layout conventionally via a 180 degree curve.

Grande in relation to the Jones River bridges, steam railmotor #69 on the high line.

This means that the station will not obscure views of the line at Jones River. Also, located close to the border between Sierra Oculta and Chile, Ciudad Grande is supposedly at a much lower altitude than Centrales anyway.

Interchange siding.

While putting odd bits of track on the layout to highlight the plan it occurred to me that a short length of O gauge track could be squeezed in between the storage line and the goods shed siding. If I decide to incorporate this into the final track plan it will represent the end of an interchange siding belonging to a railway connecting Chile with Sierra Oculta.

Yes, I know the railways (apart from the FCTA) on the other side of the border should be either 3’3″ or 5’6″ gauge. The latter scales out as close to 35mm, or 3mm more than O gauge, so modeller’s licence will have to apply.


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