A return ticket to Puerto del Sastra

While looking in the shed for timber to use with Grande I dug out the remains of Puerto del Sastra (above). The main reason for scrapping this microlayout was the unconvincing exit to fiddleyard, a bridge across the station platforms. Having removed the backscene, and looking at the station from the other side, I reckon that a combined station roof and goods shed would work much better.

When viewed from this side the run-round track passes behind the station so that its exit to fiddleyard is also hidden by the structure.

Not high on the to-do list because I want to get on with Grande but I do like the look of Puerto in this plan.

While we’re at Puerto, the choice of branch locos is governed by the short turntable at the terminus. I also have a number of small locos that lack the pulling power for the fierce gradients on the main line, one of these is #28.

A Hunslet 2-6-2T, #28’s wheelbase is too long for the turntable so I’m contemplating removing the front footplate and pony truck to convert the loco into an 0-6-2T or possibly even an 0-6-0T. The other loco in these photos, Forney #4, also underwent a similar conversion (2-4-4T to 0-4-4T) so that it could be used on the Puerto branch.

Again, something for the future but blogged so that I can keep the ideas in mind.


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