Final destination?

At the moment the railway ends at Centrales in south eastern corner of the garage, actually just a low-relief frontage for a cassette based staging yard. But I’m me, and being me I dream a lot, always have done, so the next extension of the FCPyF is always bubbling away at the back of my mind… Even if it is unlikely to happen for quite some time.

If the upper and lower routes north from Centrales were joined by a set of points instead of the cassettes (still hidden, off stage) then curved round to run parallel to the garage door there would be room for a southern terminus.

Ciudad Grande (Big City) had a previous incarnation as the smallest (1ft square) module in the Ferrocarril Internacional layout, a view down an alley with the railway crossing over a bridge, but in the plan shown here it will be the largest station on the FCPyF.

What seems like many years ago, though it’s probably only about ten, there was a pretty young barmaid in the Nags Head. She had just finished college and eventually left the pub to go for a gap year travelling around South America. At the time the original FCPyF was still in its infancy as a micro-layout, this was before the FI was even thought of, and I asked her if she’d take some photos of the railways while she was there. The image below is one of hers.

It shows a wonderful juxtaposition of turntable, loco shed, carriage shed and station platform. Admittedly it’s not narrow gauge but nothing’s perfect in this world! Anyway, inspired by Katy’s photo I have sketched a possible track plan for the FCPyF’s southern terminus.

It’s not a direct copy, things have been juggled to save space, and might work better as a mirror image so that the loco and goods facilities are easier to reach but I’ve drawn it this way round for comparison with the photograph.

However, there is too much pointwork, it’s expensive and the FCPyF is strapped for cash! So a little track rationalisation results in the plan shown below. Also, I’ve been giving thought to how Ciudad Grande would be connected to the rest of the layout, and decided that the cassettes in use at Centrales could be made double-ended and used to transport complete trains between the two stations. In this case Ciudad Grande could be relocated, either on a peninsula parallel to Jones River or on the opposite wall of the garage underneath Cuarto de Pulgada.

Now this version I really like. It retains much of the original quirkiness of the station in Katy’s photograph. It also provides quite a bit of local shunting, which is something I miss on the FCPyF, with a station pilot or relieving engine being needed for each arriving train.

This might well happen, eventually, but I’ve still got a lot of work to do on the rest of the layout before embarking on another extension!


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