Returning to a failed project

A good number of my ideas never make it off the page, of those that do most don’t get beyond a bit of track on an otherwise bare baseboard. Some get completed, the rest are broken up for parts or forgotten about in a dark, spider infested, corner of the garage.

One of these failed projects is Burnt Fly Canyon, this attempt to squeeze On30 into a large plastic bottle was dropped because the sand and filler used for scenery was too heavy and the container flexed when lifted, leading to cracks in the canyon walls.

I’ve stripped the scenery out of the bottle, leaving just the track in place. Some additional bracing has been provided via internal and external framework sandwiching the base of the container. New scenery will be added using carved loft insulation foam which should be a lot lighter than the previous version. I am also contemplating a completely different appearance, instead of being Burnt Fly Canyon it will be, as per this tune, a swamp and will probably have quite a backwoods, southern states, sort of atmosphere. This is out of keeping with the rest of the FCPyF but who’s to say there’s not a hidden colony of rednecks hiding out somewhere in Sierra Oculta?

The siding will still be a passing place for railcars and a small shelter (late of Pueblo Lavadora) will be provided just in case any passengers show up.

And now for something completely different…

There’s a brief mention over on the NGRM OnLine forum of a Fairlie style loco made from two Hornby 0-4-0 industrial locos. I’ve done a bit of work on the original image to create this monstrosity.

Of course real Fairlies run on two four wheeled bogies but modellers licence, and a method used by Tri-ang, could enable the loco to run on a rigid chassis by removing the flanges from the 2nd and 3rd axles. The deepened footplate faring would disguise this to some extent.


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