Change at Pueblo Lavadora

Pueblo Lavadora (see 27/12/16 blog entry) was never intended as a permanent station on the FCPyF. The tiny halt, situated on a shelf above the washing machine, was built as an experiment in bedding corrugated paper into PVA/sand then plonked in the off stage area of the layout between Cumbre and Cuarto de Pulgada. Earlier today I finished off the painted backscene which hides this area. Except it’s not a backscene because it is in front of the track but it serves the same purpose, hiding what’s not meant to be there while not distracting attention too much from the 3D scenery on either side.

Anyway, with the painted screen completed. the station building (for want of a better description) is redundant. I have a weird liking for dilapidated wriggly tin structures and, while this one cost nothing more than a few minutes of my time to make, I don’t want to scrap it. However, there’s no suitable location on the layout for it so I’m tempted to build another little diorama, like Primrose Valley, to use as a static display…

Or… (!)

I might try making an ultra-portable On30 layout. The halt would only be served by railcars, so we can ignore any loco hauled trains passing through it. That would enable the use of a couple of short fiddlesticks either side of the scenic section. I’m in no great hurry to build this, because A – the main layout is now fully operational and B – I don’t take layouts to shows on a regular basis any more, but it would be nice to have a small bit of the FCPyF that was portable and could be used away from home… Or even just indoors for when the garage is too cold! Plus the fact that I still like micro-layouts even though the FCPyF outgrew that description a long time ago.


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