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The FCPyF is very much rooted in the days of steam. There are a few diesels, both small shunting engines and larger main line locos, and some petrol or diesel railcars but the trains which get the most attention are always those that are steam hauled.

What is missing from the railway is any modern motive power. The steam locos date back to the early 1900s, the railcars to the 1930s or 40s and the diesels to the 1950s. This is perfectly acceptable for a model that’s set in the 1960s but I do sometimes wonder what the FCPyF would look like if it were visited today.

Probably something like this.

There are no regular passenger services, other than a few short commuter routes around San Fernandez and Ciudad Grande. Freight is hauled by Japanese built diesels and the track seems to have deteriorated even more since capitalism replaced what was once a Marxist paradise. “Deferred maintenance” is now the order of the day as the railway’s new owners rake off what little profit there is.

Maybe it’s not that much fun, let’s not update the FCPyF after all.


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