Cuarto platforms

I fell asleep, as usual, in front of the telly last night and woke up at 3.30am to find that the dog had been ill. Nice! After cleaning up the mess I was wide awake so I gave Cuarto de Pulgada’s station building another coat of “whitewash” and set it in place on the layout for the paint to dry.

Tri-ang hoarders can recalculate the value of their collections as yet another old toy (inset) gets my irreverent treatment and is converted to O scale, these things get rarer every time I get hold of one!

Both platforms received a surface of fine sand yesterday but this still needs filling in around the station building once it is set in place. The barrow crossing at the bridge end of the station is just roughed in at present, I’ll leave it a day or so to see whether or not I like the look of it in that position before gluing the timbers (coffee stirrers) down. It is obvious in this view from the top of the water tank that the main track is far from straight. This was done on purpose so that trains appear to rock from side to side, in proper narrow gauge fashion, as they enter the station. Track maintenance is very low on FCPyF lists of priorities and the frequent Andean earthquakes in Sierra Oculta play havoc with alignment in places.

Some more work was done on the decorative bridge portal yesterday, the water tank on top of the structure is in “FCPyF rust” but may get a coat of peeling paint eventually.


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