South Cheshire Militaire 2017

The south Cheshire military modelling club hold their annual exhibition each February. The event is also open for other modelling genres, notably road transport and science fiction as well as model railways and always attracts a good range of modelling abilities.


My main interest when looking at other people’s modelling is the scenery. This, of course, applies to all sorts of modelling, not just railways.

This year’s show was held at a new, and extensive, venue with far too many displays to include all of them here. The photos below are of the model railways present, as befits my model railway blog, plus a few of the other exhibits that appealed to me.

This charming village market was part of a modular road transport diorama.


Sandbach, where I live, used to have two factories producing lorries. The ornate styling of this Foden is a classic design from one of them.


Another classic lorry familiar to me from my childhood years is the Thames Trader.


Combining military and railway modelling this busy scene shows preparations for D Day under way at a port somewhere in the south of England.


Timeless toys, Airfix kits (above) and Hornby Dublo (below).


 My own stand with Primrose Valley, Tyne (E) Quay and Farrall Sidings on the top deck, Muston Sands beneath them.


Moving on to the main theme of the exhibition, as I said there were far too many to include all the military modelling displays. More photos will be available on the SMC’s own website. The pictures below are all of a diorama depicting trench warfare.

somme-1 somme-2 somme-3 somme-4 somme-5 somme-6

When I look at model railways, and road transport models, I admire not only the subject but also the modelling.


In the case of military modelling though I have to emphasise that glorifying war is not something I agree with. I have every respect for those who have lost their lives in conflicts over the ages and I do admire the modelling skills shown by the makers of these displays but it matters not whether you’re killed in battle or as a civilian casualty, you’re still dead and that is not something that should be celebrated.

stop board


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