Fighting back

I don’t know if you’ve ever tried getting paint out of a carpet but if you have you’ll know that it tends to splatter everywhere when you scrub it.

It fights back with renewed vigour when you’re trying to rub the paint into a carpet, I’ve just had to take a shower because I was speckled with yellow, orange and black paint after having a go at the hillside below Cumbre to get some variety of colour into the grass.


Though it doesn’t stand up to close scrutiny the result is still worth the effort, nature isn’t monochrome and the hillside should have different colours where the drainage and subsoil affect how the grass grows. I had previously tried mixing sand into the grass mat but it will not stick and falls out whenever the matting is lifted to gain access to the plug sockets and storage space beneath the layout.

The background is over-exposed because of the light coloured rock face, the scenery above the railway line should become much darker as it is textured with sand and ash. I may also need to add a blackout curtain across the window to prevent the back-lighting and make photography easier.

Or, for now at least, I could resort to a bit of imagination.


Listen carefully, you might just catch #19’s exhaust bark echoing across the valley as the train struggles uphill to Cumbre.

stop board


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