Signal check

A gratuitous photo, I’ve not done any work on the layout today because it is far too cold in the garage.

Mogul #42 is brought to a stand with the morning mail train on the high line before the bobby at Centrales clears the signal for American #8 to bring a freight extra into the station.


The freight is being given priority over the mail because #8 is the booked engine to work the train to San Fernandez. There’ll need to be some nifty shunting done to get the loco in position ready to couple with the mail when #42 has drawn forward into the station and it’ll probably end up running tender first to save time, but the FCPyF’s passengers are quite used to waiting around.

They could look on it as a welcome break during an otherwise hectic day, or they could write letters of complaint to the divisional manager. Whatever. It makes no difference to how late their train is running.

Customer service? Not on this railway!

stop board


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