Halt IV

This is nothing at all to do with the Primrose Valley diorama described in Halt I-III. It’s not a self contained scene for starters, so it would not be eligible for entry in the Challenge at Expo Narrow Gauge 2017.

washhalt2Railcar 20 pauses at the Pueblo Lavadora.

However, it is a halt. Quite a remote halt on the FCPyF. So remote that it’s not even located in a scenic area of the layout. Pueblo Lavadora, literally washing machine town or maybe even Washington, is located above the washing machine, on the short shelf between the two lift out sections of the FCPyF’s new extension to Cuarto de Pulgada.


All mod cons… Are not provided here… Not even scenery!

The wriggly tin hut was knocked together this morning while I was waiting for my breakfast to finish cooking. Simply corrugated paper, thin card and a little bit of scrap wood, finished with acrylic paint and fine sand. I’ll be making some more corrugated iron huts for Cuarto de Pulgada when I get round to doing the scenery on the terminus’s baseboard, this one was an experiment to see if such a building could be bedded into the ground using neat PVA and a sprinkling of sand.


The building’s foundation in sand seems to work quite well.

The results don’t look too bad so I’ll make the huts for CdP on sub-bases which can then be merged into the ground with the fiddly bits around the bottom of the buildings already done.

stop board


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