Working on the chain gang

OK, hardly a chain gang. Only two of them!


Cuarto de Pulgada is now in situ at the end of the FCPyF with the trackbed complete between there and Rio Paleta.

cdp-to-bridgesThe bridge across the house door still needs parapets adding.

cdp-both-bridgesThe bridge across the door to the garden has safety parapets already. I’ve decided to keep the bridges, and the short fixed section between them, as purely functional instead of trying to blend this area into the layout scenery. At the CdP end the scenic break will be provided by the water tower while at the Rio Paleta end of the bridges there will be a rock cutting.

rio-to-bridgesFrom the bridges the line curves round to Rio Paleta. There will be another scenic break where the mountain ledge and Rio Paleta meet. This means that the existing scenery at Rio can be left unaltered because I quite like the way the line runs off stage between the chapel and the bar.

railcar-20Railcar #20 awaiting departure from CdP. It may be quite a long wait, even by FCPyF standards, but track laying will commence shortly and trains should be running by the New Year.

The extension beyond Rio Paleta will be known as the Pulgada subdivision with the line between Rio Paleta and Centrales being the Rio sub and the line from Centrales to the lower staging yard being the Resurreccion sub.

stop board


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