Not for the faint hearted

If you suffer from acrophobia the chances are that you will not enjoy the train ride from Rio Paleta to Cuarto de Pulgada. My original plan was for the bridges across the doorways in the garage to be non-scenic and boxed in for safety but, having just posed a train on the first of the two bridges I reckon they might be nicely proportioned as huge girder bridges.

bridge01The ends would not be properly detailed scenically because of the need for the bridges to lift out, maybe with strategically placed clumps of bushes to hide the arrangements, but the spans themselves might be quite interesting to construct.


In a perfect world I would like them to look like the bridge shown above but, back in reality and nearer to my roots, the wrought iron viaducts at Mottram (pictured below) and Dinting would be easier to base the bridges on.


Approaching the project rationally, intricately detailed trusses would be very difficult to model and wouldn’t conceal the structural timber of the door crossings but those massive girders would be perfect for the job.

With the supports for the bridges approaching Cuarto de Pulgada sorted out I turned my attention to how the terminus is to be mounted above Charlie’s layout. The OO roundy roundy is firmly supported on trestles but I may need to move it at some time if my ex ever decides that Charlie can have his trains at her house. For that reason the simplest means of support, with the On30 layout supported from beneath, is ruled out.


This leaves me with a problem, how to hold the terminus in place without putting it on the OO layout. I have already fitted the 2×2 batten to the wall and wonder if the support could be triangulated using chains as shown below.


The sheet of MDF used for the terminus baseboard is fairly heavy so three, or maybe four, chains along the length of the layout may be needed to spread the weight.

stop board


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