Sparks… Eventually!

A couple of hours work on Cuarto de Pulgada this afternoon has resulted in section switching for tracks 1 – 3. Track 4, the railcar shed, will be powered via bell push (found while looking for some more wire) and the turntable will take its power via a DPDT switch (on order, dispatched yesterday).


The three loops are controlled via a three gang light switch, in a pattress box, which will eventually be disguised as the base of the water tank at the departure end of the station.

Why on Earth did it take me so long to do a simple wiring job? Because I’m a bodger and do everything on the cheap. That includes reusing wire from old layouts, fished out of skips or generally scrounged off people who do proper wiring. The problem was that I couldn’t get track 2 to work so I went back and re-soldered each join… And it still didn’t work. In the end I did my usual fix for faulty wiring and strung a second pair of wires as a parallel circuit.

If I ever dismantle the FCPyF I will be able to make a fortune in scrap wire. There are redundant circuits along most of the layout’s length, sometimes six or eight wires where two should suffice, but I daren’t rip them out because I don’t know which ones are live and which are not. With my luck just salvaging one piece of wire to use elsewhere will probably result in a complete electrical failure of the railway.

I mentioned above that I have a DPDT switch on order for the turntable, in fact I have two on order. The second will be used for the main line between Cuarto de Pulgada and Rio Paleta, enabling this section to be controlled from either end of the layout.

stop board


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