Halt II

The Dave Brewer Challenge for Expo NG 2017 is to build a halt. Nothing more, nothing less.

I’ve been rummaging in the garage looking for suitable bits of wood for the new FCPyF terminus and found a small fruit box which would be ideal for the Challenge. It’s too small for On30 though so the halt will be built in On18 as part of the Seaside Line, possibly Primrose Valley which is the next stop south of Muston Sands.


The “station building” is a grounded caboose. Just what this is doing in North Yorkshire is beyond me, maybe it’s a brake van from a closed colliery railway or maybe it’ll lose the cupola so that it looks more like an old coach. Anyway it’s what I have to hand so, in true light railway fashion, it’ll do.


The front of the box will be cut down to the profile of the ground as it drops between the railway and the beach. The caboose provides a scenic break to the left while a clump of bushes will hide the exit to the right.

stop board


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