CdP – A start

I have been giving the FCPyF terminus some thought since I last posted about it (More Skip Diving). The new plan fits on the piece of MDF as a self contained layout without the need to attach a separate baseboard for the turntable and loco yard. The trade off for this is that the station no longer has a loco shed but I don’t have a problem with this. All too often we see such facilities provided on layouts where they would not exist in real life.

The last arrival at night/first departure in the morning will be a diesel railcar which can be stabled on any of the station’s loops. Loco hauled services will originate from Centrales. Fuelling and watering facilities will be available at CdP but there is no need for any sheds at the terminus. The simplified track plan is shown below.


Note there is now only a single freight spur where I had two on the previous plan. This is compensated for by having three loops instead of two, each of which will be capable of receiving/dispatching trains though the central line will be the main arrival and departure track.


The turntable’s pivot has been set in a hole cut into the baseboard and the track is attached to the deck.


This will be the datum point to which the rest of the trackwork will aligned by building up the trackbed to match. The raised track will allow for more realistic scenery than can be created on a flat baseboard.

stop board


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