Cull time

I have just been tidying up my FaceBook account. This has entailed a ruthless cull of the groups I’m a member of. All political groups have gone. All satirical groups have gone. The local begging for freebies groups have gone. Modelling groups are down from well into double figures to just three.

I’ve retained two of these for specific reasons. On30 Railroading for the FCPyF and The Micro Model Railroad Cartel for my other models.

I have also, for now at least, retained Gn15 Railway Modellers, because I’m one of the admins, but my Gn15 interests are amply catered for by the MMRC.

I had a similar cull of modelling forum memberships a couple of years ago, freeing up a lot of time for actual modelling instead of reading/writing about it. Since then FaceBook has crept up to take more than its fair share of my time, hence the cull of groups.

Anybody who isn’t in one of the three retained groups but likes to read about my modelling, cooking, humour or political views can still do so via my blogs. Sign up to receive an email advice when there are new posts, I’ve done this with a number of blogs and find it a useful way of browsing the web.

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