Expo NG 2016, the “tuning fork” microlayouts

I had a very long, very tiring, day out yesterday. The purpose of the journey was to take Farrall Sidings to the narrow gauge exhibition in Swanley. Setting off from home at 04:00 it took just under an hour and a half walking to Crewe so that I could catch the first train of the day to Euston. The return journey was easier, I caught the train back to Sandbach so I did not have nearly as far to walk home.

The David Brewer Challenge entries were in a separate room, across the corridor from the main exhibition, so it was a bit of a Mecca for microlayout enthusiasts. In fact it was almost an exhibition in its own right!

Adventfahrt, Eduard Kompast.


Beta Cables, Stuart Brewer.


Boston Lodge, John Deacon.


Castle Yard, Andi Nethercoat.


Farrall Sidings, me.


Lester Tin Mine, Richard Doe.


Letter To Goathorn, Peter Hollins.


Little Wandon, Danny Figg.


Lost River Logging RR, Peter Smith.


I was particularly taken by the detailed scenery on Peter’s entry.


Very definitely American style modelling.
Priory Waterworks, Chris Seago.


Ranters Wharf, Roy Jamson.
ranters-wjharfThe point blades are set into the roadway before the pivot and the track is gauntleted across the swing bridge with the frog on solid ground at the other end.
Stolln Junktion, Lucien Lacour.


The Scrapman Cometh, Pete Wilson.


The Shed, Derek Harris.


Derek’s stub points were a work of art, the rods between the lever and the points moved at the same time as the rails.


Wenhaston, David Eveleigh.


Westonzoyland, Toby Hollins-Jones.


Weydon Lane Sandpit, John Spurling.


The contest was won by Ted Polet with his beautiful Creag Dhubh Summit.


After judging the Summit was joined to The Ridge to create the whole scene.



And, finally, the smallest layout in the show. This was not one of the Challenge entrants but I’m posting photos anyway because I like it.

2pThat’s a two pence piece in the middle of the track!


Did I enjoy my trip south? Very much so! Would I go to Expo NG again? Oh yes, definitely. Would I take a layout again? No, while carrying Farrall Sidings on foot and by public transport was easy enough I would not want to repeat the early morning walk, so I’d go a bit later (and set off home earlier) just as a visitor. However, the experience has shown that the layout is definitely a candidate for events nearer to home.

stop board


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