Sand Creek Junction, change of plan

Seldom do my layouts turn out as envisaged.

Sand Creek Junction was originally planned as a rural scene but the addition of a couple of extra sidings at the right hand end and extension of the team track into the staging area as a yard track has made the layout quite cramped. Rural railroads tend to sprawl where real estate is cheap but land is at a premium in built up areas so an urban location is more likely to be confined by retaining walls than in a cutting with sloping sides.


The track next to the rear wall is the main, the branch is in the left foreground, the passing siding is next to the main and the yard tracks are in front of that. All lines are bi-directional. Retaining walls and bridges mocked up to see how the layout will look. The 4mm scale PW cabin track is standing in for the yard office because I’ve not built the kit for this pre-fab structure yet. Track has been glued down, wired and weathered prior to ballasting. One of the bridges may carry railroad tracks or both may be highway bridges, both elevated crossings over the Peach Bottom Railway rather than on the level are because of the yard and its associated switching operations which would block grade crossings for extended periods.

stop board


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