Old slow-coach

There is a thread on the MTI forum in which a series of free-lance 19th century coaches are being built. Reading through it reminded me of some old coaches I cobbled together for the Foxbaile Light Railway a while ago, so I’ve dug them out of storage to take a few photos.

1 greenThe smallest, and supposedly oldest was made from an HOe body mounted on an ancient Tri-ang wagon chassis.

2 blue

The second coach in the train is a more recent Hornby four wheeled coach, cut down to two compartments and mounted on another wagon chassis. Certainly unique, probably un-believable, but I quite like it.

3 brown

Somewhat larger is this balcony access coach which I think is a scratch-built brass body (Ebay purchase), mounted on a brake van chassis. The new underframe was used because, as bought, the coach was suitable for three-rail electrification only and the original chassis could not be converted easily.

4 three HO

The birdcage brake is an unaltered continental goods wagon.

With the exception of the blue two-compartment coach all the vehicles are HO scale, but I consider them as acceptable on a OO scale layout because vintage coaches are so much smaller than more recent ones. The coaches probably date back to the 1830s and 1840s, making them over 100 years old as modelled on the Foxbaile Light Railway, but it is not unfeasible that a cash-strapped company would make do and mend to avoid having to replace worn out stock.

stop board


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