Not the most popular variety of railway enthusiast. Often reviled by the general public, railway staff and, indeed, many of their fellow railway enthusiasts. The spotter brings nothing to the railway other than a load of clutter at the platform end. He seldom travels by train, more likely to be dropped off at the station by his mum, he even brings his own butties and flask of stale tea (though that is understandable given railway refreshment room prices).

The programme about them on telly last night has met with mixed, but mainly unfavourable, comments on social media. To be perfectly honest I had no intentions of watching it, as a retired railwayman I have no liking at all for the genre.

They’re even worse than box-openers. They do actually contribute something to the hobby, even if it’s only buying loads of stuff and then boasting on a forum about how much they’ve spent, their dosh keeps the manufacturers going. Trainspotters contribute nothing to the railway.

spotter spotting

Apparently the programme is part of a series, I’ll be listening to Radio 4 instead.

stop board


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