Hitting the bottle (again)

I’ve had a third laundry detergent bottle on hand for a while, I was contemplating a OO scale micro layout in it but have now decided that I’ll stay with O scale and use the bottle as the shell for an On30 scene instead.

bottles 1 and 2

Obviously the larger trains of the FCPyF mean I cannot do as much in the given area as was possible with the previous bottles, using On18 as shown above, but a short siding can just be squeezed in. There’ll be no loading or unloading facilities because of the cramped area so the siding will be used by railcars crossing and overtaking, perhaps with a very basic halt in the foreground.

FCPyF Bottle

The photo shows #21, El Ganzo, waiting on the main line as freight motor #20 enters the siding. When #20 has cleared the main #21 will proceed, then #20 will reverse out of the siding before continuing its journey.

OK, it’s not much, but it will mean that I still have a portable On30 layout at least big enough to run railcars on. The recently dismantled Jones River module, now replaced by the much bigger fixed scene, had a hidden siding under the mine. This was a refuge for railcars supposedly on the San Pedro branch. The bottle layout will represent part of the same line, just served by railcars and maybe small locos with very short trains because of a weak trestle bridge on the route.

I’m still working on the scenery of the main On30 layout, so this project may progress in fits and starts but the work done so far was achieved during my lunch break today. The woodwork has been fitted into the bottle and the track itself is pinned down and partially ballasted. Next job is to wire it up and see if the operational theory works.

stop board


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