Mixed? As in a mixed passenger and freight train?

No, mixed fortunes. I took Lescanby Moor to the Crewe Transport Festival this morning. It was the micro-layout’s first outing and also the first time (due to not having regular transport) that I’ve taken a layout an exhibition for quite a while.

High 2

All was going well and I soon got into the routine of shunting and loading the wagons but the layout was not attracting much attention from younger visitors. This surprised me because it holds a lot in common with Green End Quarry and that layout was always popular with youngsters.

High 1

Then it dawned on me why. I was showing the layout on an ironing board, set at a good level for adults to see but far too high for shorter viewers. Easily enough solved, I adjusted the legs on the ironing board and got myself a chair so I could sit down to operate the trains.

Low 2

Fine enough while it lasted but I nudged the layout while reaching over to uncouple a wagon and the stand collapsed, taking the layout with it. Most of the mess was caused by the coal container spilling its contents, and luckily there was no damage to the trains, but the stonework on the bridge took the brunt of the impact with the unforgiving concrete.


It should be easy enough to fix the stonework, after all I made it so I should be able to mend it, but I’m having second thoughts about entering Lescanby Moor in the Dave Brewer Challenge, Farrall Sidings is within the specified dimensions for a 9mm gauge entry and is a lot more portable than the Gn15 layout, it is also virtually self-contained in the bottle so much less likely to sustain damage in use or, more importantly, in transit to Swanley.

farrall sidings

As for the ironing board, it has been left outside for the scrap metal collectors. Height adjustment is a good feature but it turns out the intermediate levels do not lock positively, with just steel on steel friction holding everything in place. With hindsight that’s probably why it was thrown out at work in the first place.


By way of an aside from railway modelling, when I was a young lad I had a steel pedal car. It was rusty and battered, almost certainly second or third hand, but I loved it.

old 1

I saw one just like it today, isn’t it amazing how things like this trigger long forgotten memories . . ?

old 2

. . . And aren’t old things prettier than new ones?


Anyway, I packed my stuff back in the van then as I was setting off for home I stopped to chat with a couple of the members of South Cheshire Militaire. They invited me to their universal modelling exhibition, which is also held at the Heritage Centre, next February so I’ve “pencilled it in” on the exhibitions page.

I don’t know which layout I’ll take yet, almost certainly O scale, probably On18. Muston Sands, Allt-Na-Ballt or Farrall Sidings? But, then again, February is a long way off and I might have built another layout by then.

stop board


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