Emergency engineering work

Following on from the previous post, not all engineering work on the railway is planned. As reported on Facebook this morning the line was blocked between Resurreccion and Estacion Centrales by a fallen rock, a frequent problem on many mountain railways.

rock 1

The maintenance of way crews from both stations were called out as soon as the blockage was discovered, but they immediately took shelter from the rain in the Wickham trolley, no rush, the train’s not due yet.

rock 2

So, did they have the line cleared when the afternoon mail train got to Resurreccion?

rock 3

For once in Sierra Oculta a job has been finished promptly!

rock 4

Passengers on the mail train arrived at Estacion Centrales blissfully unaware of the morning’s events. The train was running a mere two hours late, but that’s normal on the FCPyF, and there’s still no rush because the connecting autoferro to Rio Paleta hasn’t shown up yet. The passengers can enjoy a welcome lull in their busy schedules while they wait for the railcar, no point complaining, it won’t make it get here any sooner.

SUNP0001 (2)

Rumour has it there’s something big going on at Rio.

stop board


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