Early morning engineering work

The dog wanted to go and “inspect the garden” at silly o’clock this morning so I had been up for a few hours by breakfast time. Those hours have not gone to waste. I’ve been ballasting the upper incline and adding some grass where the two tracks run one above the other on the hillside.

High 1

While perched precariously above the layout to take that photo I took the opportunity to get one of the mine from overhead as well.

High 2

This is not an angle that the layout is normally seen from as the mine is at about eye level when I’m stood on the floor.

High 3

The mine tramway track has not been ballasted yet but I’ve run out of sand and need to visit the pet shop for some more.

High 5

A couple of views of the bridge area show how the scenery is developing.

High 4

Limestone cliffs dominate the layout. It is usually in smaller scales that this kind of effect is achieved but, even if I do say so myself, I think it is really quite impressive when done in On30.

stop board


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