Estacion Centrales

Taking a break from the natural scenery to concentrate on the man-made.

Exit 4 to fy

The junction end of the layout’s new section has an off stage area hidden beyond the station buildings with the exit from the scenic area disguised by a low relief train shed. The arrangement was chosen because a bridge or tunnel would not look right in this location.

Exit 2 to fiddleyard

I’ve been working on the train shed this afternoon. It’s built of scale timber (that’s coffee stirrers to those unfamiliar with my modelling methods) in contrast to the rendered stone station buildings. It was meant to be in a colonial style but seems to have turned out a bit more British looking than intended. Obviously this is because the Pampas and Fernandez Consolidated Railway was built by an English civil engineer!

Exit 1 to Resurreccion

I have also been ballasting the track where the lower incline exits the scenic area by tunnelling under the upper level, large stones are strewn around where they have been dislodged from the cliffs by the frequent earthquakes that shake the Andes.

stop board


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