Roca Blanca

After several attempts I have eventually mixed a batch of paint to match the white rocks near the station at Rio Paleta, these outcrops are original from when Nick made the bridge module as part of the CRM OO layout.

14 at rio 1

The rest of the scenery has changed, not least in so much as the river has dried up, but the rocks remain and these small outcrops have determined the overall colour of the rest of the upper and middle levels of the layout.

long 2

long 1

While painting the rocks I decided to add a trestle to the mine scene.

mine at rio

The trestle is non-operational but can be used for storing spare mine trucks. A flashing beacon has been added in the mine to warn of when the tram is running.

rocks 1

Moving along the line, the ledge between two rock cuttings provides a good photo location for the big GE Shovelnose, #29, in big scenery…

rocks 4With the tunnel mouth below and the bridges further along…

rocks 2bridges 1

And, at the end of the line, the station still needs a lot of work. At the moment I’m making some low relief trees which will go on the backscene in this area to disguise the corner of the sky and the hole in the backscene behind the station.


When the paint had dried I made a start on adding the grass to give a better contrast between the sloping and vertical aspects of the scenery.

composite 26 06 16 800

The hanging basket liner is roughly torn to shape and placed loosely on the layout, I’ll trim it and glue it down gradually over the next couple of days.

stop board


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