Hard going

I’ve always maintained that mountains look better from the bottom and there’s no point in climbing them, but it’s even harder going building them!

19616 gorge

As usual a lot of the time involved is in waiting for stuff to dry. After plastering one side of the gorge (above) I turned my attention to the foreground near Rio Siding (middle), and then to the mine (bottom).

19616 siding

The area covered by today’s scenic work would be enough to complete a micro-layout but it’s hardly made a dent on the FCPyF extension. The mine took longest of the three areas worked on today, mainly due to building the supports to hold it in place on the layout. As with its original location on the Jones River module the mine needs to be a separate section, capable of being lifted off the layout in case of repairs to the fishing line drive system being required.

19616 mine

It’ll keep me occupied for quite a while, but isn’t that what we have hobbies for?

stop board


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