OK, maybe not that good, but the gorge is taking shape nicely. A long view shows how it looks from the Rio Paleta end of the layout.

Long view

Both bridges now have the girders on solid ground instead of being suspended in mid air. This makes them look as if they support the track, a vast improvement on the track supporting the bridges, probably a sounder proposition so far as civil engineering goes.

Canyon 1

The river is going to be modelled in flood, a muddy torrent is easier to convey convincingly than a crystal clear stream.

Canyon 2

Beyond the bridges the gorge curves out of sight behind the upper level track, again because this is easier to model than merging the river into the backscene.

Canyon 3

Rendering (yet to be whitewashed) on the signal box and water tower makes them look less like the Tri-ang toys that they are. The train shed, station offices and signal box all need matching roofing material adding to complete the effect.

Station buildings

In the other direction, the groundwork has been started at Rio Paleta Siding on the upper level of the layout’s extension.

Rio Siding

It has been a long time since I have worked on a fixed layout, as opposed to small portable models that can be turned on their sides or ends, when making scenery. Building the gorge under the bridges was not as easy as I thought it would be, I needed to be a contortionist to reach in some places!

When Brian (Mozzer) Mosby built Forks Trestle as part of the Ferrocarril Internacional he made the valley first, then built the bridge across it, which was probably a much easier way of doing things. Unfortunately I needed the track beds in place first to determine the gradients which is why I’ve done things in the wrong order.

Anyhow, the rest the scenery should be a lot easier now the basic shell is in done.

stop board


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