Making mountains (3)

No actual scenic work today but I have moved the north fiddleyard so that it is now above its southern counterpart. The supports may look precarious but it is quite secure.


Rio Paleta has also been moved along the top shelf, so it now sits directly above Frog Rock, freeing up extra space for scenery in the area above Resurreccion.


Having done this it occurred to me that there is no reason for retaining Rio Paleta as a self contained module.


The Frog Rock and Resurreccion modules on the bottom shelf are, of necessity, boxed in by the supports for the upper shelf but Rio could be opened up to blend in with the new scenery by removing the backscene at the station end of the module. So doing would create a continuous scene from leaving the north fiddleyard to arriving at the junction’s off stage area at the far end of the garage.

stop board


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