Making mountains (2)

Having ordered a new camera online on Sunday, and picked it up from the shop this morning, it has taken me several hours to figure out how to get it to talk to the pooter using the old camera’s SD card. I eventually managed by going out and buying a new card to start from scratch instead. If you’re lost, go back to where you started from and try again.


All that for two photos!


OK, I’m sure there will be more to follow but for now I’ll show you what the extension looks like at present. I’ve got other plans this evening so it’ll probably be late tomorrow or some time on Wednesday before there’s any further progress with the scenery. However, a lucky find, I’ve had a piece of the grass matting on the garage floor for a while, it was originally in use as a draught excluder for the back door but has since been used as a door mat. The grass has lost a lot of its stiffness through being trodden on repeatedly and looks a lot better because it has merged rather than being in obvious clumps (there’s a bit of it visible above the controls). I cannot claim any credit for this, it’s just what has happened, but it does look better for it.

stop board


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