Right place, right time

When I took the dog for a walk on Wednesday afternoon there was an excellent hoppy pale ale on the pumps in the Beer Emporium. So, when I finished work at lunchtime on Thursday, I called in to see if it was still on sale… It was.

But that’s not for “Playing Trains”. My other blog usually deals with such matters!

What concerns Playing Trains is a load of rubbish. Quite literally! The pub received a delivery of mead wine while I was there.

Yes, you read that correctly MEAD, now there’s a blast from the past!

Of course such a precious cargo needs a lot of protection in transit and that sort of packaging usually ends up in landfill. Nobody can deny that recycling is better than landfill but reuse is better still than recycling, especially as there’s no prospect of recycling expanded polystyrene, and it just so happens that I’m on the look-out for just such material to create the mountainous scenery required for the FCPyF’s rebuild. So that’s Saturday afternoon’s entertainment sorted out.


Meanwhile I have been doodling to create the track plan for the junction. Overseas stations often seem to have quite random layouts, as if they have had bits added on without much thought being given. OK, I’ll rephrase that. The stations on the FCPyF have quite random layouts etc…

Good enough excuse!

junction plan

In theory the station is on a cramped site, restricted by the hillside, so it is long and thin rather than having the buildings grouped neatly together. As a major interchange on the FCPyF it sees a lot more traffic than the smaller stations already modelled, therefore better facilities are provided. Still with just a single platform but an overall roof keeps the sun off the waiting passengers…


And conveniently hides the off stage traverser!

stop board


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