New fiddleyard

An early start has resulted in a productive morning. The new fiddleyard has been built into the layout and it is a lot easier to slide the traverser now the base is securely attached to the layout shelf. The tracks are pinned down and some of the wiring has been completed, that’s enough for one day so I’ve posed some trains on the tracks to give an idea of how this end of the layout will work.

7 arrival

#7 crests the hill, arriving from Resurreccion with the mail train.

42 waiting#42 is on the loco ready track, waiting to take the train to Rio Paleta.

3 trains

The mail train comes to a stand when clear of the junction. #2 is waiting to head for Resurreccion with a local freight when the express has departed.


With the mail train clear of the junction #42 can shunt to the Rio Paleta line…


… Then reverse onto the mail train ready for departure.

Well, that’s the theory anyway.

missing tracks

In fact there’s still a lot of missing track to be put in place before the layout can actually be operated, but I can already see it working in my mind’s eye. A good modeller usually has a good imagination.

The blue crate under the traverser is firmly attached to the bench-work and the fiddleyard in turn is screwed onto the top of the crate. This gives some useful storage space built into this end of the layout.

stop board


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