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Reports are coming in of a major earthquake in Sierra Oculta. The quake is the largest to hit the South American republic for three years and has caused major disruption to the local infrastructure.


Rio Paleta and the north fiddleyard are now located above Frog Rock and Resurrecion, replacing Puerto del Sastra (stored) and The Zigzags (dismantled).


Jones River has been stood on end for the time being so that I can see how much space is available.

100_2106Being as the FCPyF is retired from the exhibition circuit, and I will not be needing to move house now the divorce settlements are being finalised, it makes little sense to keep building small portable sections for the railway. So I am going large!


The new scenic section will have two tracks running through it, one descending from Rio Paleta and the other rising as it leaves Resurreccion.

split level plan

Both tracks will meet in a new fiddleyard at the far end of the layout, where trains will be reversed to continue their journeys, but I need to ensure that the new staging area is at a suitable intermediate height so that the inclines can be done without being too steep. I’ve worked it out that both tracks need an average gradient of 1 in 16. This may bring gasps of shock from lowlanders but I would remind readers that the FCPyF only runs short trains, with relatively large locos, in the premise that its route through the Andes involves some pretty fierce climbs.


The bridge girders from Jones River will be incorporated into a new river crossing and the mine module (above) will also be relocated to feature in the new scenery.

stop board


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