Split decision

The top deck of the FCPyF is not working, the zigzags do not look right and the terminus isn’t to my liking either, both are being used to store junk on – Never a good sign for a layout! So I have decided to remove them both and start again. While I am at it Jones River/The Mine will also be dismantled and the parts from it reused in a new (non-portable) section between Resurreccion and the north fiddleyard while Rio Paleta and a new fiddleyard will be relocated above Resurreccion and Frog Rock.

The new, extended, Jones River section will be permanently attached to the layout shelf and will feature mountain scenery with two tracks running through it. The rear track will slope up from the north fiddleyard until it reaches the height of Rio Paleta and the new fiddleyard. The front track will descend from the north fiddleyard until it matches the height of Resurreccion and Frog Rock.

The On18 mine module will be incorporated into the new section between the high and low lines, possibly with a loading spur off the low line.

split level plan

Operationally the new section will allow through running from the low level south fiddleyard, via Frog Rock, Resurreccion and Jones River Canyon (low line) to the north fiddleyard. Here trains will reverse before proceeding via Jones River Canyon (high line) and Rio Paleta to the new (high level) fiddleyard.

Further extending the upper layout shelf would facilitate siting the two south fiddleyards one above the other with additional scenery between Jones River and Rio Paleta (above Resurreccion) but this would be another project for the future.

stop board


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